Are Your Lips Aging You?

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Are you likely to believe that your lips are aging you? Unbeknownst to many, an aging lip line can add years to one’s appearance. “How?” you ask. Like the rest of our facial features, the lips age. Luscious in our youth, with age, lips tend to lose their natural fullness. No longer supple, the lips lose more than volume alone—often emphasizing the appearance of fine line and wrinkles around the mouth.

More than a Plump Pout

A popular treatment for lacking lips, injectable lip augmentation can restore fullness by adding a subtle volume back into the lips. When done correctly, the lips exude a youthful fullness—natural in both look and feel.

Another less known benefit, lip augmentation can also help improve the appearance of the delicate skin surrounding the lip. A fuller lip can help fade the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles—often known as “smoker lines”—that have formed around the mouth. By plumping the lips, Susan is able to help smooth wrinkles and fine lines that may be aging your appearance.

The Proof Is in the Pudding

Can lip fillers really help an aging appearance? According to Susan, an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner and Urban Effect’s expert injector, lip injections really can work wonders.

Susan proudly recounts her story of a recent patient:

“My greatest story ever is of my 80 year old patient who came into see me in March for the first time—wondering if I could do anything so that her lipstick wouldn’t bleed.”

“Of course!” Susan exclaimed. She continues, “I put Juvederm Ultra XC filler in her lips and it instantly took ten years off of her appearance.”

And was our Urban Effect’s patient pleased? “Of course she loves it! She has normal looking lips again.” Susan continues, best of all, “her red lipstick no longer bleeds all over!”

At Urban Effects, You Can Love Your Lips Again

Turn back the hands of time—with injectable lip fillers, we can help you reverse signs of aging. So, if you look into the mirror and see “smoker lines”, or your lipstick bleeds constantly—schedule lip injections with Susan and experience immediate and gratifying improvement.

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