Chelsea Handler’s ProFractional™ Results are Outstanding


One would not describe comedian Chelsea Handler as a wallflower. Best known for her witty banter and somewhat unrefined humor, Handler seems to have little worry when it comes to putting herself in the limelight. In this vein, Handler recently revealed her latest beauty secret, ProFractional laser treatment.

Chelsea’s Skincare Breakthrough

In a telling post, Handler shared a candid before-and-after photograph with her nearly three million followers. Presumably taken immediately following a ProFractional treatment, the before photo shows her skin looking a little worse for the wear. Fine lines from her eyes, creases spread the width of her forehead, and her uneven complexion is consistent with aging and sun damage. The after, however, is awe-inspiring. Seemingly flawless, Handler herself looks younger and her skin looks healthier. Her skin is smooth, evenly toned, and any hint of her pre-treatment fine lines and wrinkles are gone.

It seems we are not the only ones to have noticed. So far, her photo has garnered nearly 60,000 “likes” and thousands have commented. Wowed by her transformation, men and women have said the likes of: “Her skin looks unreal!” and “Baby face in no time, there’s hope!” Clearly, Handler has inspired others to also look into laser skin resurfacing, “I need that!” said one follower. Another makes her intentions clear, “I’ve already looked into it! I’m doing a laser treatment soon.”


Handler posted her before-and-after with her nearly three million Instagram followers (Photo Courtesy of Handler’s Instagram)

Glow like Chelsea

Like Handler, at Urban Effects, our team and patients alike are also believers in ProFractional resurfacing. A member of the Sciton® laser family, ProFractional is used to treat scarring, wrinkles, and sun damage. ProFractional improves skin tone, minimizes fine lines, and evens out discoloration.

Who wouldn’t want Handler’s luminous complexion? After seeing Handler’s after picture, it is hard not to want ProFractional. At Urban Effects, we perform ProFractional along with a number of other laser treatments. Please request a complimentary consultation with us to learn more about your options.


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