Acne Treatments with Hydrafacial, BBL, & Light Therapy

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions being treated in the United States today. When left untreated, acne may leave dark spots and scars and have a poor effect on a person’s self-esteem.

Acne Treatments Options

There are numerous treatment options available for both teens and adults who are affected by this skin condition. There are both oral and topical prescription medications, at-home customized skin care regimens, treatments such as light therapy, peels and HydraFacial MD® infusions that can have a very positive effect on acne. There are at-home daily skin care regimens that are effective at improving acne include Clarisonic cleansing devices, Obagi, Revision Skincare and Image Clear Cell. These are sometimes combined with Rx prescription oral or topical medications. The Acne BBL (broadband light) therapy (or zit zap treatment) often result in overnight improvement by destroying the bacteria in the sebaceous glands where acne starts. These treatments can often be initiated the same day as your skin consultation. Diet and hormones may be a source of inflammation for acne that can be reviewed. 2600-033-80rA_TS(binder)

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Acne Scars Treatments

No one wants to live with unsightly acne scars or wear heavy, camouflage makeup. Acne scars can be improved with a number of elective treatments. Effective treatments include lasers, peels, dermal fillers and minor surgeries. A Profractional™ laser treatment alone, and in some cases combined with the Contour TRL skin resurfacing can produce visible improvement of acne scarring. Multiple in-office treatments are often necessary but most experience improved skin condition and self-esteem after their first treatment. ForeverYoung BBL can also give further improvement to acne, scars and pores with no downtime. Susan is always involved in prescribing your plan of care, along with one of our aestheticians to show you your application procedures. A post laser makeup consultation and customized prescription skin care regimen can also assist in proper healing and a speedy recovery.

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