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We know losing weight can be challenging, especially if you’re struggling with hard-to-change areas, so we’re here to make it easier to reach your personal goals. Whether you’re looking for help making healthy choices or want to target a specific spot, the treatments we offer are tailored to your needs with the goal of helping bring out the best version of you.

truSculpt iD

Get rid of those extra pounds and define the body you’ve always wanted with truSculpt iD! You may have heard of the truSculpt 3D treatment (which we also offer!), and now there’s a new addition to the weight loss family. Even if diet and exercise aren’t working for you or you’re not a candidate for other contouring procedures because of skin type, fat thickness, skin laxity, or other characteristics, truSculpt iD may be the solution you need.

Treats and Improves: body sculpting, fat reduction

Urban Effects was the first place in town to offer this non-invasive, needle-free body sculpting treatment that can be tailored to your individual needs to target the areas you’re hoping to change. Monopolar radio frequency (RF) technology treats the entire fat layer under your skin by delivering heat to the fat tissue. This temperature is monitored to ensure you’re still comfortable during the treatment; the process has even been described as feeling like a hot stone massage!

The 15-minute treatments—that can target your full abdomen or multiple body areas at the same time—intentionally and permanently damage fat cells to achieve 24% fat reduction over the course of 12 weeks as the cells are naturally passed through your body. Depending on the results you’re hoping to see, multiple treatments may be necessary. If you choose to go the truSculpt 3D route, the process will remain the same but the treatment will require 60-minute sessions.

After your treatment, expect the affected area to be warm and flushed for approximately an hour; it may also be sensitive to the touch for several days. Thanks to the no downtime design, though, you can get back to your normal activities and exercises right away!

ITG Diet

The ITG Diet’s 3-step nutrition program will help you learn how to make healthy food choices while you lose weight and keep it off!


Say goodbye to your double chin with just a few KYBELLA® treatments!

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